Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What to do with a drunken Blog?

OVERVIEW Summer 2015

Helene Cixous says: When you look in to the mirror who are you? Between your mother and daughters, where are you? What space is yours alone?" That resonates with me.

This Blog reminds me of who I am. Originally, it allowed me to indulge my inclination that there is a gendered language in music. In truth it's also about my love of DIY music and not women exclusive. It has a strong feminist perspective. I started it in 2011 but circumstances got in the way - some very positive, such as two years at the girls are as Live Editor and producer of the weekly Gig Guide - but mostly you could say that patriarchy got in the way. 

I write for a wider audience, both as a writer for and the app Electronic Sound, also LouderThanWar. I started out at the Melody Maker in 1989.  I am a fully qualified teacher and also copy/content edit and proof reader. I have worked in primary education for the last ten years, recently moving on to applying these skills in educational publishing and aiming to move into 16+ teaching - as me, not a template - in turn I hope feeding the beast, that is writing, study, writing, a bit more writing. 

When I am bored enough I write poems, have a bash at plays and short stories too.  

I would love response, recommended reading, what you've been listening to.. 

You can find me on Linkedin.  

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