Wednesday, 14 September 2011

RIDING my freedom moped to somewhere pretty bloody amazing: my pick of the best.

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I know exactly what words NOT to use when describing the voice of Pinkie Maclure and the music of PUMAJAW: fey, tantilising. Forget any alternative-folk expectations, this is film noir, yet vigorous, unsettling. Sexy? Absolutely. Seductive? Er… not really, that word to me, implies an attempt to tease, whereas this album is just “out there”, the experiences of sex, corruption, despair and hope. If you are the kind of person who swims in the metaphorical deep end, calm and free, rather than the shallow end, then you too will appreciate and adore the sounds of “Demonm Eowmeow”, the new album due for release on the 7th November, Bedevil Records. The soundscapes created by PUMAJAW remind me of great's like Jesus and The Mary Chain, Kratwerk and The Young Gods but they didn’t have Pinkie Maclure’s legendary vocal range or her poetry or the spaces in this music, the pauses; moments in beautiful places, held up turned gently, lovingly and observed, balanced with pounding rhythms that know exactly where they want to go. And that’s just the album opener, “The Mazy Laws”. Each song swoons in to the next, so that it is one whole piece of work, rather than an LP of songs. PUMAJAW bring to mind the work of sculpture Barbara Hepworth, who tried to capture the primitive forces of nature, rather than musical references.Follow the link to hear for yourself:

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The mood of RITA LYNCH ‘s new album, “Crack On” just released on 8th September on the Fruit and Flowers label, couldn’t be more different, for a start it’s about voice, guitar and drums: intensity with a swagger, even “yeah yeahs”. In comes “Counter Cultured”, snap, bop, chugga chugga, Rita’s silver foil vocals and true grit guitar, encouraged to “jump” by drummer John (whom she also plays with in The Blue Aeroplanes). How does she do that? Well, I think it’s just by being herself, you can not separate Rita the person from Rita the songwriter and performer – it all happens whether we are paying attention or not. (See Blog 3.) If there is anything similar about RITA LYCH and PUMAJAW it is that that lyrics are not seeking to “make sense” or tell a story in a plain old linear format, they are about responses, (maybe my feminine language?) but with Rita there are clues in the song titles: Ty “9 Years (Hardcore)”, if you’ve “been there”, you’ll get it or “Masculine Pride”. You can listen to her music, but not yet the album tracks, on the following link: Blinding rock and roll. Love to see Rita and U.S GIRLS IN A COMA together. Hold your breath, my wishes come true these days.

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Another album which tempts: my vote for the most confusing video but when I shut my eyes the vocals make it all clear. Like ice. The album "Feel It Break", by AUSTRA was released on 9th September, Domino, I believe.

Always more room for a feminist artist with a real story to tell - in terms of her actions, the logistics of being an independent female artist. This is FEVER RAY, found when browsing for tunes by the also fabulous FEVER FEVER. (Pinkie Maclure also recommends Fever Ray.)  

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Add to the list MARISSA NADLER, who actually got fans to help pay for the production of her latest eponymous album. The no-messing self-help attitude is in contrast to the sound: sweeping, filtered moods of longing, doubt and wishes. She plays a rare London date on the 4th October at the Bush Empire. 

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I am all over JOY FORMIDABLE and I feel safe with my affections, since this is a really prophetic, hard working outfit. They are touring most of October, including HMV London, Brimingham, Manchester, Belfast, Newcastle and also the Freeze Festival on the 21st October at London's Battersea Power Station. 


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I have also been winding myself up about MADAM, featuring Sukie Smith, since I will miss her show  this Friday at the National Portrait Gallery (16th September). This video though gets my vote for the most pretentious presentation. I feel I need to help her learn to love her belly and LAUGH. 

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 Were I in London though I would be upset that I was unable to be at the National Portrait Gallery as well as Brixton Acedemy to see tUnE-yArDs this Friday (16th September) but I have to say that I love KREAYSHAWN even more, despite the repeated used of the word "bitches" in this track - no UK dates planned yet.

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MORE WIND UPS: not having caught THE SCREAMING FEMALES London gig's - only one screaming female, but armed with a guitar, that's plenty - and PO' GIRL  who play a date at The Lexington on Sunday 18th September. Also watch out for HANNAH TRIGWELL, currently playing third on the bill, specifically at Leeds Academy on the 21st October.
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NOTHING gets to me though, if I play DUM DUM GIRLS and this is the type of track for a really good ending. God how I love this band. I would even go so far as to write "Dum Dum" on my forehead, which is dedication indeed. This is a track from the new album. It's the raw guitar, vocals, drum combo with the slick Phil Spector production which gets to me - the lyrics seem appropriate, not depressing at all. Just lovely. 

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Stop Press! Dinner burns while I add this essential footnote. The elusive Ut are returning to the tour circuit this month after an allegedly, ten year gap. (See Blog "Rital - Revolution - Reflection, Part One".) They are playing London, Lexington 23rd, Bristol, The Croft 24th and Brighton on the 25th. For an excellent article about the band follow the link:  Support are Peepholes and Trash Kit. (Trash Kit! Wooah! The Slits meet Toxic Shock Syndrome - a reference point which may escape a few of you.) 

Finally, without apology for the last minute addition  or the endless emails of this blog that members will soon discover in their inboxes...another favourite, duo Hysterical Injury are playing at The Green Park Tavern, Lower Bristol Road, Bath, 28th October. See Blog, "We Made A Mess And We're Not Sorry" also


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A comprehensive and entertaining round-up... I'm in two minds about Kreayshawn, but I like this track... Like the Austra video too... And the comment pop-up is working fine and dandy...

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PS: I love Kreayshawn - sassy with swagger and tunes and the lyrics are pretty good. The teenager, Maedb, also likes it which is a plus - to impress my daughter. In turn she recommended to me Birdy, "Skinny".We sat at the lap top and listened to each other's music last night. Brilliant.

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I am having nightmares since I didn't recommend PJ Harvey's Albert Hall gigs (30th and 31st October) or Anna Calvi's who is heading for Bristol, 31st, Shepherds Bush Empire 1st Nov, Birmingham on the 4th and Nottingham on the 5th. I am hoping to review as a whole separate articles.

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